by Nicola Fumo Frattegiani

“Bodega Bay” is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds” of 1963.
The composition is a sound narration of a journey across the bay where much of the film is set.
This journey is to be understood as a psychic, intangible path, an involuntary path of the mind that can determine a dangerous drift. No mimetic representation then. No material simulation. But a tension towards the symbolic abstraction of a possible journey of the human spirit.
The wayfarer, closed in his subjectivity, runs through this chimerical and magmatic space without any purpose, enveloped in a hostile and unpredictable nature up to the freedom intended both as an end and as overcoming and resolving.

The composition is divided into four parts:
Part 1 [0:00 to 3:52] arrival at bay
Part 2 [3:52 to 6:19] start of the journey
Part 3 [6:19 to 9:56] across the bay
Part 4 [9:56 to 11:50] freedom