by Kevin Lee your over-faithful voice was endlessly disarming, vibrating in my skull when you stopped to think. though the distance between us has grown […]

Ett tyst år / A silent year

In September 2019, Iranian-born Swedish film maker Samaré Gozal released the first part of Audacity, a series of short documentaries and videography projects about the […]


by Maya Nguyen Maya Nguyen (b. 1996) is a Vietnamese-Russian artist who works with sound, image, and the body, in natural and constructed environments. Her […]

The Amplitudes

by Daniel Fromberg Click here Daniel Fromberg is a sound person based in Chicago interested in human relationships with sound technology and moments of tactility […]


The zine comes in a A5 white paper, printed in that minimalistic and sober aesthetics that distinguishes the tradition of Dutch design since modernism. Part […]

Archaeology of progress. Redruth

Historically, the Cornish city of Redruth was a small market town until the 18th century, when the area became an important center for the extraction of […]


by Ina Čiumakova Sound and memory are intimately connected, both in literature and in philosophy: In “A Sketch of the Past”, Virginia Woolf dreams up a […]

A Reading List for the End of Summer

This endless summer, The Eaves has turned 2! On August 18, 2016, we went online with a text on Emily Dickinson. As a little present to ourselves and to […]

Acoustic Territories in Mrs Dalloway

Sound as an Epistemic Resource in Literary Studies In people’s eyes, in the swing, tramp, and trudge; in the bellow and the uproar; the carriages, […]