by Amina Abbas-Nazari


Happy World Listening Day!

World Listening Day is celebrated annually on July 18, the birthday of R. Murray Schafer (Happy Birthday, Raymond!). This year, World Listening Day explores ideas and questions around the theme of Future Listening. The World Listening Project writes on its website: “The theme calls for reimagining a personal and universal future through listening. Participants are encouraged to examine their hopes, dreams, ambitions and fears for the future and reflect on the question, ‘What does your future sound like?'”

The Eaves takes part in World Listening Day with a post by Amina Abbas-Nazari which reflects on future listening technologies, noise and voice.

Please view full screen with headphones.

Performance / Presentation with Laptop, Telephone Pick-Up Coil, Ambient Electronic Noise and Pink Floyd

Amina Abbas-Nazari (1986, UK) is a Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art, London, within the Design Products department and an independent artist.
She graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Design Interactions, a course that investigates the social, cultural and ethical implications of emerging science and technology. Her work intends to expand reality through designed interactions, speculative systems and sonic fictions; often resulting in installations and performative work. She is also a classically trained singer and has sung internationally with of number choirs for over 20 years, as well as regularly for artists’ projects including at Tate Britain, Whitechapel Gallery and The Royal Academy of Arts, London. She employs voice as a medium, to be shaped, sculpted and moulded to investigate ‘where speech meets sound’, blurring these boundaries and exploiting vocal potential to devise sonic fictions – stories about alternate arrangements for society via design, technology and politics.
Amina has presented her work at SVIT Gallery Prague, London Design Festival, Milan Furniture Fair, Venice Architecture Biannual, Critical Media Lab Basel, Harvard University America, V&A, Design Museum and DIY Space, London.