Jihyun Song

I am fascinated by hollow objects left behind in front of mortality. They vanish as time passes and are forgotten, ironically even if they exist permanently.

A seashell is a symbolic object historically as curious and exotic, and metaphorically as a void and timeless. It was a shelter at once and left behind as void permanently. The voidness seems to open its mouth and makes sounds likely to prove its existence. The empty shell makes sounds with its voice tones.

The void things I let go into a passing time. The man-made hollowness is gradually demolished and does not resonate to prove existence. But it exists wherever; hollowness, desire, existence proof, etc.

portraits of hollowness from Royal College of Art on Vimeo.

Jihyun Song was born in Korea. She started her ceramic career undertaking a BA in Ceramics at Dankook University in Korea in 2012 where she researched the roots of Korean historical ceramics making contemporary interpretations. During her study at the Royal College of Art, she has expanded her practice within the UK, China, beyond Korea, to include film and photography alongside thrown ceramic sculpture.