by Maya Nguyen Maya Nguyen (b. 1996) is a Vietnamese-Russian artist who works with sound, image, and the body, in natural and constructed environments. Her […]

The Amplitudes

by Daniel Fromberg Click here Daniel Fromberg is a sound person based in Chicago interested in human relationships with sound technology and moments of tactility […]

Bodega Bay

by Nicola Fumo Frattegiani “Bodega Bay” is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds” of 1963.The composition is a sound narration of a journey across […]


“Speech enters into the music and becomes it (becomes song) even as it dies, disappearing as music, breathing its last endless rasping breath” — Scott […]

Sanctioned Trespass I

The audio for this piece largely consists of rare found recordings of Sephardic folk tunes and prayers.  These folk tunes are particularly low quality and […]

Welcome to Our New Open Studio!

Welcome to Eavesdropping, our new ‘works-in progress’ section. Along with our broader categories showcasing Writing on Sound and Sound on Writing, our aim with Eavesdropping […]

Hello 2.0

Welcome back to The Eaves! It’s been quiet over here, but now we are delighted to welcome you to our re-designed website!  We have recently […]


by Ina Čiumakova Sound and memory are intimately connected, both in literature and in philosophy: In “A Sketch of the Past”, Virginia Woolf dreams up a […]

Running Music

by Thomas Brett Editorial…when we talk about runningThe motive of walking has a long and varied history in literature, from Virginia Woolf’s essay “Street Haunting” […]